Soup marathon

Want to become an expert in soup cooking: join this 4 week marathon and cook along! You will learn about the basic steps in soup preparation, get to know how to choose and prepare the ingredients for different types of soups, explore different flavour enhancing preparations like soffrito, rouille, etc., and expand your soup repertoire. (Zoom sessions to take place once a week on Tuesday at 11:00 Frankfurt time and will last for 30-45 minutes, recordings will be sent out at 11:00 the following day).


  • Week one: Stocks and broths: basics, equipment, preparations
  • Week two: Creamed soups
  • Week three: Hearty soups
  • Week four: Asian soups

Fish (Part II)

In this class I will guide you through the different fish types and show you how to decide which fish to choose for which cooking method. The menu includes two fancy starters and a beautiful fish dish - all ready in minutes.


  • Scallops in hazelnut
  • Milk poached smoked halibut
  • Mackerel pate
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Healthy snacks (Part II)

Snack smarter! Cook these colourful, flavourful and delicious bites and enjoy them throughout your day. The snacks are easy to prepare and are perfect to keep cravings at bay between meals.


(suitable for vegans)
  • Crispy kale
  • Bulgur and greens mini quiches
  • Corn and coriander fritters
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