Osso Buco with polenta

This Italian classic is perfect for a wintery evening. Join this class and you will not only learn to cook this alltime classic, I will teach you the foundations of stewing so that your meat remains juicy and full of flavour.
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Goose for Christmas

Let’s cook the most delicious goose together! The class consists of two parts
Part one: I will show you how to prep the goose so it is ready to go into the oven on the day you are thinking of serving it (it will need to spend a night in the fridge before going into the oven) . I shall also show you how to set everything ready for the sides (bread dumplings, red cabbage and gravy).
Part two: I will show you how to roast the goose and finish cooking the side dishes.
The class is online and live, however, as most of you will probably cook the goose for Christmas, I suggest that you watch the class and then recreate the dish to serve the goose for your family and guests for Christmas.
Do not worry - I will be there to support you when you actually cook (even on Christmas Eve):
After the class you will receive:
  • A video recording of the class
  • An easy to follow step-by-step instruction with pictures
  • And most importantly live support from me when you actually cook

Crispy chicken, mochi potatoes, spicy sauce

There is one dish my children will always eat and it is crispy chicken and potatoes. No, these are no ordinary potatoes, these are mochi potatoes: crispy outside and soft and chewy inside. And forget chicken nuggets, join me and learn how to make this delicious dish!

A German day

This class will take you on a discovery adventure beyond “sausages and beer”. Explore some delicious German recipes and sample typical local dishes straight in your kitchen.


  • Grüne Sosse
  • Königsberger Klöpse