St. Martin’s goose

The feast of St Martin, which marks the end of the autumn harvest and the beginning of the period of fasting leading up to Christmas, can be seen as a thanksgiving feast before the fasting period leading up to Christmas. Let's cook the most delicious goose together! The class consists of three parts:
6.11 17:00 - 17:30: Goose prep (after that the goose will need to be refrigerated)
7.11 10:00 - 11:30: Goose roasting and preparation of the sides 7.11 17:30 - 19:00 : Gravy prep and carving

The humble (but so versatile) potato

In this class we celebrate the king of all sides: the potato and elevate it to the king of the table. You will learn how this simple tuber can be prepared in a variety of different ways.


  • Potato and leek soup
  • Shepherd's pie
  • Cripsy potato skins with tsatsiki

The glorious chicken

Cook a whole range of chicken dishes to enjoy with your family or friends. My approach is to use the whole bird, so nothing goes to waste.


  • Moroccan chicken stew
  • Chicken soup with egg custard
  • Crispy chicken wings

Grains their lookalikes (Part I)

From bulgur to buckwheat: Learn about the diversity of the grain world and how to use grains to create a delicious and healthy dinner.


(suitable for vegans)
  • Bulgur and sun-blushed tomato salad
  • Quinoa patties
  • Pearl barley risotto

Roast Chicken and three sides

Cook the best roast chicken: tender meat and crispy skin guaranteed!


  • Roast chicken
  • Celeriac puree
  • Honey roasted carrots
  • Broccoli salad

Christmas market

Christmas markets are closed: Bring the taste home - cook a range of German Christmas market classics in the comfort of your kitchen.


(suitable for vegans)
  • Kartoffelpuffer and apple sauce
  • Roasted chestnuts
  • Sweet steamed dumplings
  • Glühwein

A very different Christmas

Skip a goose this year for Christmas and branch out into other fantastic Christmas dinner dishes.


  • Red cabbage gazpacho
  • Celeriac parcels
  • Duck, chicken and sour cherry terrine

Light and healthy January // Вкусный и полезный январь

Join me for a healthy start to the New Year. Давайте начнем Новый Год с вкусной и полезной еды!!! (masterclass in Russian/ мастер класс на русском языке)


  • Lemony turnip and chickpea soup // Суп из нута и репки с лимонным вкусом
  • Balsamico glazed beetroot // Свекла карамелизованная в бальзамическом уксусе
  • Steamed fish // Рыба, приготовленная на пару с азиатским соусом

Light and healthy January

Join me for a healthy start to the New Year.


  • Lemony turnip and chickpea soup
  • Balsamico glazed beetroot
  • Steamed fish

A Russian day

Delve into the culinary techniques and traditions of Russian cuisine. The class showcases two most popular Russian dishes: impress your loved ones at home!


  • Borsch
  • Pelmeni

Драники по-немецки с яблочным соусом (класс проходит на русском, class held in Russian, for English below)

Настоящие драники хрустящие и нежные одновременно. В немецкой кухне - это Kartoffelpuffer. Присоединяйтесь, приготовим их вместе! Я расскажу, какая картошка подойдет лучше всего, как сделать так, чтобы тесто не разваливалось на сковородке. Традиционно драники подают в Германии с яблочным соусом - его мы тоже с Вами быстро приготовим. Мастер класс проходит на русском языке.


(подходит веганам: я подскажу, какие продукты чем заменить)
  • Драники (Kartoffelpuffer)
  • Яблочный соус

Kartoffelpuffer with apple sauce (class held in English)

Almost potato pan-cakes, but not really.

Crispy, browned crust with lacy edges - this is a proper Kartoffelpuffer! Join this cooking class and learn how to choose the right type of potatoes, how to make the dough stick together. Whip together a most delicious apple sauce to go with it in a matter of minutes!


(suitable for vegans: I'll advise on substitutions)
  • Kartoffelpuffer
  • Apple sauce