A very different Christmas

Skip a goose this year for Christmas and branch out into other fantastic Christmas dinner dishes.


  • Red cabbage gazpacho
  • Celeriac parcels
  • Duck, chicken and sour cherry terrine

Light and healthy January

Join me for a healthy start to the New Year.


  • Lemony turnip and chickpea soup
  • Balsamico glazed beetroot
  • Steamed fish

A Russian day

Delve into the culinary techniques and traditions of Russian cuisine. The class showcases two most popular Russian dishes: impress your loved ones at home!


  • Borsch
  • Pelmeni

Kartoffelpuffer with apple sauce (class held in English)

Almost potato pan-cakes, but not really.

Crispy, browned crust with lacy edges - this is a proper Kartoffelpuffer! Join this cooking class and learn how to choose the right type of potatoes, how to make the dough stick together. Whip together a most delicious apple sauce to go with it in a matter of minutes!


(suitable for vegans: I'll advise on substitutions)
  • Kartoffelpuffer
  • Apple sauce

Fish (Part II)

In this class I will guide you through the different fish types and show you how to decide which fish to choose for which cooking method. The menu includes two fancy starters and a beautiful fish dish - all ready in minutes.


  • Scallops in hazelnut
  • Milk poached smoked halibut
  • Mackerel pate

Healthy snacks (Part II)

Snack smarter! Cook these colourful, flavourful and delicious bites and enjoy them throughout your day. The snacks are easy to prepare and are perfect to keep cravings at bay between meals.


(suitable for vegans)
  • Crispy kale
  • Bulgur and greens mini quiches
  • Corn and coriander fritters

Chicken Kiev (in English)

Join the class and cook this beautiful dish - suitable both for a romantic dinner as well as for the large party of guests (I will show you how to prep everything, so when the dinner time comes you only have everything ready to go in the oven). You will make herb butter - which you can freeze and use in other dishes. We shall make the most crispy breading and I will show you how to make sure the chicken stays succulent. We shall cook the most luscious potato purée and garlicky green beans to go along. The class is held in English.


  • Chicken kiev
  • Potato purée
  • Garlicky green beans

White asparagus

It's the peak of the asparagus season. Join this class to learn about choosing, cleaning and cooking asparagus. We shall serve asparagus with traditional sauce hollandaise, but also speak about other ways to prepare this wonderful vegetable.

Best home-made burger ever (held in English)

Let's assemble the best ever home-made burger. You will learn how to choose meat for the patty and cook it so it is stays juicy. We shall cook a number of garnishes: sweet onion jam, crispy bacon, quick pickles, etc. All to make you be able to enjoy a delicious burger in the comfort of your own house.


  • Burger
  • Sweet onion jam
  • Crispy bacon
  • Quick pickles

Risotto and its secrets (suitable for vegetarians)

There are only four ingredients in the basic risotto: the rice, the stock, the oil/ butter, the cheese. So what makes a perfect risotto? How to make sure you get the right silky texture without overcooking the rice every time you cook risotto? How to add flavours (is mushroom or pumpkin risotto your favourite?) Join this class and learn how to make perfect risotto every time you cook.


  • Choose to cook either the basic risotto or a flavoured one (mushroom or pea risotto).

Osso Buco with polenta

This Italian classic is perfect for a wintery evening. Join this class and you will not only learn to cook this alltime classic, I will teach you the foundations of stewing so that your meat remains juicy and full of flavour.

Goose for Christmas

Let’s cook the most delicious goose together! The class consists of two parts
Part one: I will show you how to prep the goose so it is ready to go into the oven on the day you are thinking of serving it (it will need to spend a night in the fridge before going into the oven) . I shall also show you how to set everything ready for the sides (bread dumplings, red cabbage and gravy).
Part two: I will show you how to roast the goose and finish cooking the side dishes.
The class is online and live, however, as most of you will probably cook the goose for Christmas, I suggest that you watch the class and then recreate the dish to serve the goose for your family and guests for Christmas.
Do not worry - I will be there to support you when you actually cook (even on Christmas Eve):
After the class you will receive:
  • A video recording of the class
  • An easy to follow step-by-step instruction with pictures
  • And most importantly live support from me when you actually cook